Question of the Week | June 9th

How did you cope with the first few weeks and months after childbirth?
Did you have help? Fly solo? Feel overwhelmed? PPD? Baby blues? Did you get the help you needed, or just slog through it? Trouble saying no to too many visitors? Those first few months are so incredibly hard, and the traditions surrounding birth and newborn care have changed drastically in the last few generations, at least in North America.  Few of us are giving birth in situations anything like what we were born into ourselves, so we don’t have the same traditions to follow (or reject!). Love to hear your thoughts!

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bookPRIZE: 2 pair of great baby socks from a mom-run biz called Couplets Socks, “The socks that stay together”!  A great gift for a new mom, or for your own little one (up to 18 months). 

DEADLINE: Sunday the 15th of June at midnight EST.