Question of the Week | June 16th

What do you say to people who offer unsolicited (and often unwelcome!) advice on how to raise your kids?

You’re a rare mom if you’ve never had someone tell you something about how you should raise your kids.  Often for me it’s people telling me that I shouldn’t let my kids go barefoot outside, or saying they need to wear a hat.  I just say they’re fine, but get a bit irritated.  Often they mean well, but 95% of the time it’s a matter of preference, not ignorance on my part.  Perhaps you have a favorite answer ready when you’re offered such a gem, or just the one that you wish you’d said the last time someone told you how to take care of your own child? I’m the queen of coming up with answers 5 blocks later :). Any crazy comments that made your blood start to boil?  Do tell!

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