Question of the Week | July 9th

Name that goal!

Have a project or a goal that you want encouragement on?  Shedding pounds?  Cleaning closets?  Getting more exercise?  Finding the bottom of that photo box?  Come share it with us, and let’s get each other a bit more inspired!  I could sure use it myself, as I’m working on one of my life goals this summer (running a marathon) and it’s got me a bit freaked out at times.  It’s really hard to maintain enthusiasm and energy on long goals especially, and making ourselves accountable to others in some way often helps to move them along.  The more people I tell about what I’m doing, the less likely I am to quit :).

So, just come and name your goal in the Goal Sharing section, and if there’s a time/date attached to it (it helps!!) then let us know that too.  Then we can all share in your ideas and your successes, and know that we’re not alone in our struggles to get things done

The members who’ve already posted goals will be entered in the drawing also, but don’t count towards the 7 answers needed.

TO ANSWER: Click here to name your goal, and you’ll be counted in this week’s drawing for a prize!  You’ll just need to click the Create a New Post button to add your goal to the list.  Don’t forget, we need at least 7 answers to have a drawing!

journalsPRIZE: A blank book/pen set for lists, plans, dates, or dreaming of projects.  They’re always inspiring to me!

DEADLINE: TUESDAY the 15th of July at midnight EST.