Great mom-blog post ... Mom Entitlement!

Ran across this today, thanks to OMSH who I love reading, and it’s a great post on Mom Entitlement by Mrs. Flinger.

“Something clicked one day while watching one of those “news” shows (Dateline? Something?) which featured a successful mom earning a night out. “She makes breakfast for her teen son, works 9-5 and rewards herself at night with parties and cocktail bars!” The mom comes on the air explaining how rewarding yourself is the best gift you can give your child. It’s the best for everyone, really. You work hard, go enjoy life! So she justified her nightly parties by her 30 minutes of morning routine with her 15 year old son.”

Read the whole entry here … and come back and let us know how you reacted to it!  It struck a chord with me … taking Me Time but not wishing for it the majority of the time when I don’t have it.