Question of the Week | July 16th

What’s happened to your marketability as an employee?

This is a hot one for many of us, and I just talked about it with one of my girlfriends this past weekend.  There’s no doubt that having kids affects how you’re treated in most workplaces, and the treatment varies widely I think. My friend knew she’d been passed over because of her mom duties, and that’s a widespread problem.  I also just saw an article on some parents being able to take their kids to work for the first 6 months or so, putting cribs in their workspaces!  How has your career been affected?  Does it bother you?  Are you afraid of the “10-year-nap” and waking up from it to a different workforce and not knowing how you fit in? 

So, just come on over to the Labelings section and share your thoughts, so we can know we’re not alone! 

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