Question of the Week | What's been the best thing about your summer?

Sorry I forgot to post this last week!  Most of you get the newsletter, but just in case here it is … two more days to answer and we need MORE answers!  Hope you having a great last week of summer, or are back in the swing if it’s all over for you already …


Question of the Week

What’s been the best thing about your summer?
Whether it’s a small joy or a big painful lesson, or a great entertainment idea, please share with us! As usual, the summer feels like it’s flown past, and there have been some great moments and a few doldrum weeks (while mom works feverishly and the boys have to self-entertain more than I’d like, sigh).

The highlights for me have been the impromptu dinners “on the road”, where we pack a meal or get takeout, and then wander thru the Berkshires looking for a promising field or stream or log to perch on for dinner. The one this week was marked by mosquitoes, rapidly-fading light, and a less-than-perfect clearing on some long-unused plot of land, but it was an adventure anyhow. So the best thing about my summer? The impromptu bits, as always. It’s possible, even with multiple kids :).

So please, just come on over to the Learnings Section and share your thoughts, so we can hear the highlights of your summer! I’m extending the deadline a bit as I’m so late this week (sorry again!) and you have a bit more than a full week to answer. Bring it on!

TO ANSWER : Click here to share your thoughts on your summer , and you’ll be counted in this week’s drawing for a prize! Don’t forget, we need at least 7 answers to have a drawing!

PRIZE: That pretty blank book/pen set for lists, plans, dates, or dreaming of projects that I’m still trying to give away! This one has an elastic closure and is lined. 

DEADLINE: August 26th, at midnight EST.