Question of the Week | What's on hold in your life?

What’s “on hold” in your life?

Chances are there’s something that you’ve put aside in order to have kids, and that you’re hoping to pick up again some day.   What is it?  How often do you think about it?  Are there benefits to waiting?  Frustration? 

One thing that I’ve pretty well had to put aside is travel, at least of the international kind, and that’s been really hard for me.  I LOVE exploring new countries and cultures, and would so love to give my kids that experience too, especially when they’re young.  It’s not that I wouldn’t take them on trips, it’s simply a question of economics.  So big trips are on hold until the finances change in some significant way.  I don’t think about it too often, but get a twinge every time my NetsAAver email comes in! 

So please, just come on over to the Learnings Section and share your thoughts, so we can hear the highlights of your summer now that it’s already over! 

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bookPRIZE: A copy of The Book for People Who Do Too Much, just in case you’re trying to do it ALL and not putting anything on hold :). 

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