Question of the week | Sept 15

Question of the Week:
What unshakable, maybe unfounded fears do you have?
Sometimes motherhood brings out the paranoid in us, even if we weren’t that way before.  Do you have any of those intense fears that you can’t shake, like one member already posted about having someone come into her house and take her kids?  Things you can’t do too much about, or more than you already are, but they still nag your thoughts and dreams.  We all have worries as moms, whether they’re coming from “momma bear” tendencies or not :). 

Lets get them out on the table, and see if we can put each others hearts at rest that we’re not alone in our worries!

TO ANSWER: Click here to share your fears, and you’ll be counted in this week’s drawing for a prize!  Don’t forget, we need at least 7 answers to have a drawing!

the book for people who do too muchPRIZE: A copy of The Book for People Who Do Too Much, because if you’re not like this you know a mom who is, and it’s great to poke a bit of healthy fun at ourselves! 

DEADLINE: FRIDAY, September 19th, at midnight EST.