What's your resolution for this year?

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What’s your resolution for this year?

I think making New Year’s Resolutions is overrated and undersupported, but I’m asking the question anyhow :) The clean slate of a new year is pretty alluring, and there’s every reason to take advantage of it as long as you set yourself up for success! The best way to do that is make the goal supportable, specific, and broken down into steps. Seeing the steps laid out adds reality and while it can be daunting, it’s just a series of steps!

My marathon dream last year was just a dream until I took the steps of actually registering for the race, and buying a book. A handy little book that laid out a week-by-week training plan to get me to the starting line. I LIVED by that book, despite what other runners told me was a too-aggressive plan, and although I ended up injured 6 weeks from race day, it got me that far and by then I could taste success, tossed away the book, and listened to my friends :) The plan, however, was what got me past the really hard stages. Enough of my dream (I’m still working on this year’s!)

What’s one thing you REALLY want to happen this year, AND what’s the first step to making it happen? If you have all the steps, by all means share them, but at least let us know what the first one is! Post your answers by clicking here.

The PRIZE this week (so long as there are at least 5 answers!) is going to depend on your resolution. Cash value of $20 that can be a book you need, a planner, money towards a registration fee, a gift certificate, $20 in a new savings account … you tell me what you need to get your dream started!

The DEADLINE is Friday at midnight … let the resolutions roll!