Q of the Week : How much time do you spend with your spouse/partner?

How much time do you spend with your spouse/partner on an average week?

Portrait of us courtesy of Douglas.I sometimes wonder how my expectations for ‘together time’ fall in the spectrum of things.  I grew up in a household where mom was always home when I was, and dad came home at the same time every night for dinner.  He often worked Saturdays as we got older, but still came home for every meal. 

My household now isn’t like that.  While we both freelance, the hours vary rather wildly, as does my husband’s time at his art studio.  We eat dinner together probably 4-5 nights a week, which I’m really thankful for.  He often goes back to his studio after the kids are in bed, and gets home in the wee hours.  I spend many evenings alone, and if we both happen to be home in the evening, he’s in one room working and I’m in another.  We take turns doing our own things on weekends, but there’s usually one day that we spend as a family.

I’m betting we spend more time together than than average, what say you?