The sicks

Douglas at 2 years old, recovering from a massive stomach infection. How’s the health thing in your neck of the woods?  I’ve got Fynn home with a nasty cold/cough thing today, which he seems to get every fall.  And it lasts for weeks.  And I throw remedies and liquids and stuff at him, and he seems to get over it in the same sweet time no matter what I give him.  But no fevers, no flu-symptoms, which I’m thankful for! 

My sister is on a cruise right now with her family, and apparently the Norwalk virus is running rampant around the ship.  I was a bit jealous of the trip until I heard about that, to be honest, but I can’t imagine a more miserable place to be than quarantined in a tiny cabin on a ship with puking kids, feeling cruddy myself.  Get better soon Martha!

So how are you all surviving this flu/cold/H1N1 season?  Taking more precautions than normal?  Scrounging for vaccines?  Business as usual?  I’m not doing the vaccine for our family, but know many who are and while I’m not short of personal convictions on the matter, I believe the best thing we all can do is to follow our  hearts, research as much as makes us comfortable, and take whatever measures we think are necessary for our own families.  This post by DaMomma was a great view into her decision-making process on what to do for her kids, and worth checking out.

So, how it’s it all going down in your household?