Visions of Etsy dancing in your head?

one of my husband’s contributions to the holiday-card making process for fynn’s teachers. it, as usual, ended up being ridiculously labor intensive!If you have’t seen Etsy yet for some strange reason, go look before you read the rest.  It’s the best place to shop for cool, handmade, custom stuff, ever.  Period.  I love wandering thru things by color or material, and drooling.  I’ve gotten great ideas, bought a few gifts, and referred friends to them.

If you’ve got a craft/creative bent at all you’ve probably thought of having an Etsy store.  Dreams of selling your creations to a ready-made global audience?  Been there.  It seems so very tempting, and like most of my ideas, likely a wee bit more complicated than I initially imagine. (example to your right)

The NYT has an article about it today, which I think is worth reading, that is pretty realistic about what it means to actually earn a living via selling handmade stuff online.  It’s a full-time job.  It’s not a few idyllic knitting sessions that turn into real money.   Sure, you can sell a few things and make some pocket money, but it takes commitment to turn it into a business that makes a feasable income. 

Wishing you a great weekend, and hope the visions dancing in your head are pleasant ones!