Tip of the Week : Mind the D's during December

Remember the D’s of December
To keep the holidays (and life in general sane) here are a few D’s that you might find to be good reminders.  Put the list in whatever order works for you, just don’t forget your options!
DIY : Do It Yourself  Can’t afford it?  Make it!  There are lots of sources for plans, directions, and ideas if it’s something that you want but can’t afford. 
DIN : Do It NOT  Give yourself permission to say “no thank you” and say it often.
DELEGATE : If it needs to be done, give the job to someone else who would appreciate being asked, or just plain learn something from it, like your kids! 
DISH the $ : If you can, and it’s not your forte, pay someone else to do it.  Budget it in, and enjoy it.
DOUBLE and share : Do what you do well, make extra, and share/swap with someone else.  I’m not just talking food here, barter your skills for something you don’t want to Dish the $ for. 
DARE to Ask : For help, a discount, a hand, a moment, a hug, a favor … it never hurts!