Q of the Week : Where do you get the best Customer Service?

Where do you get the best customer service?

I’m fed up with big companies.  I dislike being put on hold for ages, being read to from scripts, and feeling like I’m a tiny little ant in a great big line.  Give me a small company with real people any day!  There’s nothing like making a call, getting the president, and getting an answer immediately!  How about “Our solution doesn’t work for you?  How about this one over here that we don’t advertise yet, I’ll customize it and host it for you for free.”  Just one of my miracles this afternoon.

I’ll take a small company who’s hungry for business, savvy, and fast over a big company any day. 

Yes, I’ve had a few fabulous customer service experiences in the last few days, and I thought I’d share my two current-favorite companies just in case you’re in the market for some web services! 

  • Squarespace.com, who hosts this site, is simply fabulous.  While they might not cover every possible scenario (resulting in the need for my customizing miracle above) they answer every question promptly, help you code if you get stuck, and have a great user forum.  I never feel like I’m lost in the queue.
  • Madmimi.com … an amazing newsletter service that you’ll be seeing me use as soon as I find time to redesign my template.  Live chats, personal and fast answers whether you’re a client or not, simple and ingenious design. 

So where was your latest and greatest customer service experience?  Small company or big?  Who would you recommend without reservation?  Do tell!