Question of the Week | Feb 18th | Creativity Challenge

How do you keep creativity in your life as a mom? Some of us are more creative/crafty than others, but I believe we all have some sort of innate need to create things. Things like games for our kids, ambiance, scrapbooking, crafting, writing, fort-building, rearranging spaces, recipes, reusing materials, painting, blogging … whatever makes you feel like you’ve created something new and uniquely yours.

Before I was married I had a house that I was always remodeling in some form, or rearranging, painting, changing, and improving. It was a 7-year project that fed my need for creativity whenever the urge hit. Since then my living spaces have either been too small to do much of anything in, or I’ve had landlords who won’t allow any painting or changing. I do a bit of blogging, website design, and have started bookbinding as another way to be creative in a small space. It’s not quite fitting the bill though and I’m wondering how to be creative in my environment within the confines of a small apartment with very little room to breathe.

So how do you stay creative? Is it a need or a non-issue? Please chime in!

Please post your answers by clicking here.

Looking forward to the thoughts!

The PRIZE this week is a handbound journal something like these … you’ll probably get a choice if I get my creative time this week :). handmade book

The DEADLINE is midnight on Sunday the 22nd, so get your answer in before you forget!