Question of the Week | February 2

What’s your relationship to food like?
A nice open-ended question … what comes to mind the minute you think of food? Cravings? Guilt? Obsession? Necessary Evil? Battleground? Waste of time? Comfort? It’s a complicated thing for sure, and one that you likely have a rather complicated relationship with. I’ve started the ball rolling with a few thoughts and look forward to more. We could all use a few new recipes too, especially in the Easy/Fast category, so if you have a link to a favorite one, add it in!

Please post your answers by clicking here.

Looking forward to your thoughts, and new reasons to drool :).

The PRIZE this week is a new recipe/food/diet book of your choice from Amazon, value of up to $20. You choose!

The DEADLINE is midnight on Saturday 7th, so get your answer in before you forget!