Dressing the part

I went to a brunch yesterday that was hosted by MomCentral and Bayer Healthcare, and they brought in two speakers.  One to talk (humorously) about their Mirena birth control product, and the other to give us ‘frazzled moms’ some basic style tips.  You know, the “10 things basic things you should have in your wardrobe” kind of list.  The speakers knew their stuff, and did a good job.  I found it a bit hard to swallow the wardrobe tips however as they didn’t seem to take into account things like sippy cups, diapers, spitup, and such.  One purse she showed might have fit one diaper and a mini wipes pack?!  But I re-realized a few things. 

How I look makes a huge difference in how I feel.  Period.  And when I feel crappy, wearing something I feel good and kinda sexy in makes a big difference in my mood!  In the pit of my doldrums a couple of weeks ago, I dragged a skirt out of my drawer, found a necklace I hadn’t worn in a long time, and added knee-high boots and a fitted top.  Despite the fact that I really can’t walk naturally in chunky-heeled boots, I felt great!  The whole day was a bit brighter, and I attribute it all to the fact that I avoided my default uniform of tanktop and jeans, and stepped out a bit. 

Impractical is sometimes fun.  That means that for a comfort-queen like me, heels are a rarity, but they do have their place!  Same goes for things that might not be all that kid friendly, but spice up a night out on the town (on the RARE occasions that happens!).  It’s worth having a few in your closet.  I might be in the minority here, but I needed the reminder.

Last bit I took home, LOVE what you have in your closet or don’t have it at all.  I’ve done a lot of paring down in the last year, but I think I have another level to go.  Getting rid of stuff that I don’t love, so I never reach for it.  I won’t be heading back into a corporate office any day in the near future, and keeping button-down shirts and dress pants that I don’t really like is pointless!  Waste of space, and keeps my mind in reverse rather than thinking about what’s next. 

I’m not very style-oriented at all, but I do know what makes me feel good and what makes me feel frumpy.  I need to wear more of the feel-good stuff, and ditch the frumpy.  It’s not about budgets (I don’t even have a clothing budget at the moment!) because you can get things you like, that suit you, anywhere from 5th Avenue to the Salvation Army.  I know because I’ve tried :). Yesterday’s outfit was a combination of stoop sale ($10 jeans that were originally from Barneys and fit like a glove) and a severyn shirt that I drooled over for two years and got as a birthday gift.  I felt great, and it boosted my confidence to go into a room full of strangers, even though they were almost all fellow-moms of young kids.

What do you wear when you need to cheer yourself up?