In the quiet of the night

It’s technically still Friday night here, my husband is ‘napping’ at 11pm (yes he’s a night owl) and I just finished my second Coptic Bound book and am loving it.  The house is quiet, I’m SO glad it’s Friday, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Don’t forget to answer the question of the week before tomorrow night, I know you all have feelings about food :).   Speaking of food, if you’re looking for a late-night comfort food recipe file with lots of drool-worthy photos, check this page out.  Not a good idea if your relationship to food is tooooo complicated, but mmmmmmm!  She has great giveaways too, and I JUST missed the one for 3 kitchenaid mixers … I’ll try to give you a warning next time :).

This site is more about eating healthy, and I find it pretty drool inducing too, call me crazy.  I do happen to have kombucha brewing on my counter at the moment (her current post) … the best drink ever, super easy to make (truly) and sooooo good for you.  

Happy weekend!