Manic Monday

Just a heads up that the newsletter may not come out until tomorrow, I’m busy battling SPAMMERS in the worst way on the Discussion Forum.  Hopefully none of you have seen/clicked on anying nasty, I’m getting rid of it as fast as I can and researching ways to make it harder for them to post!  PLEASE NOTE: It’s nothing that compromises your personal info or makes posting dangerous in ANY way, it’s just unwanted users and posts.  Thanks for your patience!

ALSO, there aren’t enough answers (yet) to award a prize this week … I think there are more than 3 of you with relationships to food :).  Tough question I know, and thanks for those that did answer … if at least 3 more of you post before I get the newsletter out, I’ll wink at the deadline and award a prize.  Deal?  Let’s hear more about it! 

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