Question of the Week | March 9 | Any regrets to burn?

Any regrets you’d like to burn?
I got an email from my cousin yesterday, who happens to be spending 18 months in Africa with his family, practicing psychiatry. His missives always leave me laughing, wistful, or thoughtful, and are a real treat. Yesterday’s essay was about regret, and in particular his regret over never being able to really master a second language.

Regret is something I’ve always said I don’t really believe in, but it does creep in here and there. Regrets are things that we wish had done differently, even if we are happy with the ultimate outcome. I have to admit that I have some regrets, though I don’t like to dwell on them. If there’s nothing I can do about them, there’s no point in brooding over it! I have to give them to God and move on. Sometimes that’s really hard for me to do, so …

This week I want to do something different. I’d like to propose a regret bonfire, to be held here next Monday! Post your regrets, big or small, anonymous or not, and we’ll “burn” them on Monday afternoon by deleting all the posts. Get it out, get rid of it, and spring clean inside as well as outside!

So what regrets do you have?? I’ve already posted a few of mine to start things off …

Please post your answers by clicking here.

Looking forward to the thoughts!

banner imageThe PRIZE this week is either a custom blog banner or photo retouching. Clean up an old family photo or add spice to your site, your choice!

The DEADLINE is midnight on Saturday the 14th, so get your answer in before you forget!