Sane Mom Spotlight on ... Kim Lampe!

SaneMom Kim Lampe agreed to be our next Spotlight mom, and I’m excited to be able to share her story with you!  I think her Modern BAG Ladies website is great, and have participated already and just sending off my first Traveling Sanctuary cheered me up on a rather depressing day. Make sure to check it out!

What was your life like before you became a mom?

Well I was young (21) when I had my first child. Jordan is 19 now. Paige is 13 and Gavin is 6. I was young and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was just starting a career with a corporate company, which I am still with today 20 years later. I made the company my “school” of life and had much success without a college degree. I was young, somewhat of a green horn and had a lot to learn.

Tell us a little bit about becoming a mom … how many kids, when, how you felt about it?

I have three children who are spread out in age, Jordan 19, Paige 13 and Gavin 6. With each arrival I was a different person. First on young, timid, second career minded and third, just coming into my own. I savored my 3 months maternity leave with my last child. I was content sitting and holding Gavin all day. I knew he would be the “baby” and I still can’t let go of this whole coddling thing. It is something I am working on. I carry most of my fear with parenting. When I have tears from sadness and self disappointment it is almost always about when I feel I have failed as a mother. My daughter is so much like me and the more I return to being myself the more I am like her (me). This gives me such joy when she comes to me and shares her feelings and concerns. The most rewarding is when you allow your children to be themselves and trust they will do the right thing and be good. You expect them to make mistakes and when they independently contribute to the family or just show the goodness inside of them it gives me an indescribable feeling.

What’s been the most difficult change for you since having kids? If you work “for money” what do you do? How does it fit? Love it/hate it/have to/want to?

Most difficult is finding time with my husband. My day job is the Technical Service Operations Manager for a home appliance manufacturer. My passion work (outside of my family) is my company Modern B*a*g Ladies. This one isn’t about making money. Its about giving women their Believe Fuel, charging them to Act, so they can Go to their dreams.

I love that I can nurture myself and my purpose and be a mom. It is the ultimate when I can set the example to my children to be who you are with no apologies. Since I have started nurturing my purpose in the world it has had a profound effect on my children and husband.

What’s your morning routine?

Sleep as long as you can, hurry up and rush out the door just in time for school and work.

Who do you talk to when you’re at your wits end?

My husband and girl friends. I also talk to my Grandmother who is always with me in spirit.

What do you do to keep from reaching your wits end? What’s your favorite indulgence?

Deep breathe. Saying “cancel cancel” in my mind.

Long hot baths are my indulgence.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I will be leading women. They sky is the limit. Don’t know the exact path but its going to be a fun wild ride.

What’s the last book you read?

Are you there Vodka? It’s me Chelsea. Now reading “American Lion” Diversity is good.

What’s one thing that most people would never guess about you?

I am a pretty transparent person, so there isn’t much people don’t know about me. Here’s something, I learned to provocatively sway my hips to “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith when I was 13 with my best friend. Scary visual I know. It was my beginning as the Dancing Believe Act Go (bag) Lady.

Spread Joy. Shred Fear. Have Fun.