Question of the Week : What do you love about being a mom?

What do you love about being a mom? There was a lot of Twittering about Oprah’s Secrets of Motherhood show and then Mrs. G over at the Women’s Colony had a reaction to it and it’s gotten me thinking a bit. I do a lot of complaining, and was reminded gently by my SIL last week, after a particularly frustrated rant about my current living conditions (roommates. are. hard.), that perhaps I should look at what I was thankful for? Sigh. She was right.

My kids drive me nuts. Especially during spring break when I thought I was going to get away for 3 days by myself (yes, I know, a dream in itself) and find out that it’s not going to happen right now. I need to, yes, count my blessings.

SO, in the spirit of spring and new beginnings and all that’s sunny and warm and fuzzy, what do you love about being a mom?

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Deadline : midnight on April 18th

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