Question of the Week | What's for lunch?

I doubt I’m the only one that struggles with lunches. How do you make it work? Do you plan ahead, buy on the run, skip it completely, send lunch money with the kids, snack all day, cook fresh every day, or what? I can barely plan a dinner the morning of (or like today, still not have a clue), let alone figure out lunches. I can’t seem to meal plan to save my sanity, and every single day, unless the home-made tamale lady happens to be outside the grocery store at 11am, or I have a fridge stuffed with leftovers, I’m wracking my brain at noon and wondering what hit me.

I’m a snacker by nature, and a wanna-be meal planner, so anything that helps someone with those tendencies gets my undying thanks. I can never seem to make enough to have leftovers for more than one person, my fridge/freezer is smaller than the average thanks to a small kitchen, and so I really can’t do the freeze ahead thing for more than maybe one small pan of lasagne, and buying lunch out isn’t in the budget (unless that tamale-lady is in evidence … which she was today, wahoo!).

So, how do you handle lunch?

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Prize is a SaneMoms t-shirt or tank top to add to that summer wardrobe that WILL be useable soon :)

Deadline is Saturday the 25th at midnight EST.