Question of the Week : What are your go-to remedies/medicines?

What are your “always on hand” remedies/medicines for your kids?

So, what things do you always have on hand/carry around in case your kids get sick or injured? Most of us have one or two things we turn to first, or swear by, and when Fynn fell off the top bunk on the weekend (talk about heart-stopping moments!) I realized what my top two to were. I immediately ran for the Arnica gel … a homeopathic remedy for bumps/bruises/swelling … and the Silver-sol creme for scrapes/burns/cuts/open wounds to sterilize and speed healing. I buy both in bulk. I’ve had near-miracle results with both, and there’s some in just about every backpack/bag/room in the house!

The arnica, which I learned about from a babysitter who (gulp) tripped and fell with my not-quite-two-year-old and bashed his head on the dresser … she ran to get some, gooped it on his rapidly blacking-eye and swelling forehead, and there was just a bit of discoloration the next day and virtually no swelling. I was hooked! The Silver-sol gel is amazing for disinfecting and speeding healing, it’s helped us speed burn-healing (2 days instead of a week) and does the same for scrapes/cuts. Love it .

FYI, you can get Arnica here (as well as many drugstores), and Silver-sol creme here.

What’s in your bag/cabinet/purse for emergencies?

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The PRIZE this week is a cool blue/black pottery dish for burning cone incense (thanks prettybuns for donating it!) with some incense to go with it.

The DEADLINE is midnight on Saturday the 2nd of May, so get your answer in before you forget!