Help, it's spring break!

While this used to fill me with intense excitement, I’m not currently dancing.  Unfinished web jobs, perfectionist-logo-design-expectations, and a tension headache.  Hoping the kids sleep in a bit at least!  To quote Bill Watterson, and the favorite comic book in this house … The Days Are Just Packed.  Just wondering how to fit in quality time with the kids, cheescake baking, barbecue plans (amid forecasted 48 degree/rainy weather, please no!) and finding a way by hook or by crook to get to Columbus next week to spend a day with my Grandma.  She’s 93, amazing, and one of the people I feel most fiercely about in this world.  It doesn’t make economic sense, but it makes heart sense and life sense, so I plot.  If I have to grit my teeth and survive 14 hours of greyhound each direction, I will.  But I hope it doesn’t come to that!

Other than that, break will be here at home, with a possible trip to the circus.  And playdates.  And as little work as I can get away with :). 

How are you/will you/did you spend yours??