Question of the Week : How was your Mother's Day?

How was your Mother’s Day?

How did you celebrate it, if at all? Were your expectations met? Was it a bust as far as celebrations go? Just another day? Did you give any other moms anything? I’m personally not big on holidays, other than spending quality time together, and that keeps my expectations low for my holiday-challenged husband. He usually pulls off a handmade card :).  This year he managed a series of fun pics, illustrating the letters of Happy Mother’s Day.  H for Hats, A for “Ana” (Fynn doesn’t bother with the whole word), and so on.  Click on the pic below for a larger version if you want to see it all!

I ended up having a perfect day, with a first breakfast in bed from Douglas (Happle Bagel Sandwich from his cookbook) and a second breakfast of eggs and toast (still in bed!) from Michael. Then I got to go out for a long run (I’m a few weeks away from a half marathon) and the weather was perfect. Two hours of winding across the Brooklyn Bridge, along the bottom of Manhattan, and up the west side. People and scenery and sun and thinking time made it awesome to me. Then a backyard snacky lunch and the planting of my neglected tomato, herb, and marigold plants. Then some work (for the hardest-ever logo client, I just presented sketches 21 through 33, help!) and a strange cleaning frenzy that got me a relatively clean kitchen. Cheesy-potatoes, smoked ham, and spinach for supper ended a delightful day.

I failed to contact my Mom though I tried to call, and felt badly, but I’m 90% sure she was away for the weekend. She’s the world’s best card-sender ever, seriously … she should own a share in Hallmark! Hundreds of cards mailed a year, to people all over the world, picked out individually and not from a box. I don’t share that dedication but love getting things from her, and they’re early of course! My mom is truly amazing.

SO, how was your Mother’s Day?

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Deadline > Midnight on Sunday the 17th.

Prize > is a cool blue/black pottery dish for burning cone incense (thanks prettybuns for donating it!) with some incense to go with it.