I am a bag lady

I sometimes write articles for Hip Slope Mama, and think you might enjoy this month’s entry about my bag-lady roots.

Here’s a snippet …

I am a bag lady, and proud of it. It’s an honorable profession in my family, made so by my 92-year-old grandmother whose bag I first dug treasures out of during church. By my definition, bag ladies are always ready to go, have a good pinch of wanderlust, and love people. They don’t require much in the way of possessions, but focus on being ready to roll when the opportunity arises.

It’s hard to stay in touch with my true bag-lady roots when just leaving the house in the morning requires a lunch bag, toy, and pillow for the strollered one, a backpack, snack, and shoelace help for the elder son, and keys/phone/breakfast/running gear for me.

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