Question of the Week | How do you deal with maturity/personality/character changes in your kids?

How do you deal with maturity/personality/character changes in your child(ren)? I find this a hard one. Having kids that are 7 and almost 3, they haven’t hit the teenage years yet but still go through challenging character changes as they mature. Fynn (the almost 3) has discovered his powers, charm, and voice, and has become a whole different terrible two than his brother was. I find myself sometimes resenting the changes, as you just get a rough patch settled down, and it lasts 2 weeks before you’re off on another challenge. I can also just see the beginnings of the moodiness, “give-me-space” needs of a pre-teen, and it’s scary to me. My older son too has the ability to make me angrier than anyone on the planet, and it’s hard to remain calm and reasonable. I don’t always. Need I say he’s much more like me than his little brother?! Probably not :).

So how do you handle it? I’m not just talking pre-teens, but the shifts from happy baby to screaming toddler too! Every change is a challenge.


Thanks to dvedder for submitting the question!

Deadline is midnight on Saturday the 9th.

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