Question of the Week: What are you truly afraid of?

When it comes to daily life, I seem to alternate between being worried about things, and being blissfully sure it will all work out.  This applies to a lot of things in my life, from how Fynn’s party will turn out (amazingly well!) to whether I’m being a good enough friend, bought the right present, how to pay the bills, and all sorts of trivial (or not) details.  I don’t tend to worry about health, accidents, death, or the random things I can’t really control.

The think that I’m truly afraid of, however, is whether I’m scarring my kids with my imperfect parenting.  I get angry.  I show my frustrations.  I do a lot of things that I wish I didn’t.  I can write articles on how imperfect parenting is to be expected and accepted, but I have trouble remembering it.  It’s just something I’m afraid of.  I’m also afraid of heights, enclosed spaces, and having no options, to name a few :).

What are you afraid of?  Does it paralyze you or motivate you? 

Post a comment below to answer, and thanks for sharing!