Question of the Week: July 13th > How well do you get along with your in-laws?

A good part of any mom’s sanity is her immediate relationships, and so it seems time to ask the In-Laws question.  How well do you get along with your in-laws?  Does it work for you?  Wonderful?  Awful and to be avoided?  Never see them and don’t care to?  Do tell :).

Before I was married I had many things about my in-laws that I really admired.  Things like open, honest communication about sometimes touchy subjects (not my family’s strong suit), and very close relationships with their kids.  I still admire those things, and for the most part they’ve been positive things to have in our family.  We’ve had our share of hiccups and misunderstandings, and the occasional desire to get out the frying pans, but the willingness to talk usually gets those things taken care of!  Once in awhile my FIL and I need a translator, though we’re both speaking english :).  If my MIL is around, she can always make us see each other’s points.  I love them both, and always enjoy time with them.

And you?  Do tell …

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