Question of the Week : July 20th > What gets you into "mama-bear" mode?

We all have those moments, don’t we? Where something is said or done to our kids, and the anger rises and we become infuriated or at the very least energized into fighting for their protection and innocence. The question came to mind because a friend on FB had the recent status …

So my son ran 6 MILES with the high school c.c. team like he does EVERY day, and he keeps UP with them, and then they wouldn’t let him play frisbee tag with them b/c he is only in 8th grade!! This is why I HATE people!!!!

The senseless injustices, bullying, shunning, and all the other unfairnesses of life really get to us when we see our kids hurt by them.  Teaching them to react well, going to bat for them, or just comforting them … there are ways to cope, but sometimes it just makes your blood boil!

What really gets to you?  Any recent times mama-bear episodes?  Do tell!