Summer Vacation

My summer vacation is finally about to get underway, and I’m soooo not ready it’s not funny!  Loads still to pack, for two mini family reunions, a wedding, a birthday party, two sets of camping, and 5 cities.  In 14 days :).  Wish me sanity, would you?  I’ll be doing the longest drives solo with the two boys (Chicago to Columbus, and then Columbus to NYC), as my husband has to come back to work early.  It seems we always pack in too much … getting out of the city is rare enough that we try to make the most of it and end up often scattered! 

I also find that the stuff I talked about here comes into play heavily when vacation planning.  I do ALL of it.  Everything.  My husband happily ticks things off the list that I make, and does those things thoroughly and beautifully, while I fly half-assed through the other three quarters of the list.  Speaking of lists, mine has been lying listlessly on the table for an hour now while I do my blog reading thing, and I need to go tackle it again. 

Due to said 14 day vacation, posting will be a bit wacky but it will happen, just not quite when expected.  I’m not a blog-while-I-camp kinda gal, sorry! 

And for all of you at BlogHer this weekend?  Have a ball for me, will you?  Wish I could be there.  I’ll be arriving in town just a few days too late :(.  Enjoy!!