Question of the Week : July 6th > What's been the happiest time in your life?

I know this is a hard question, but it came up in a conversation yesterday.  In your life to date, what’s been the happiest part of it?  Every period has it’s ups and downs, but there usually is some point that stands out as being more poignant, harmonious, joyful, or just plain enjoyable than the rest. 

When I thought about my answer, it made me realize something more strongly about who I am and what I want in life.  The overall happiest period in my life to date was the 7 years I spent living more-or-less on my own in a home in suburban Chicago.  I created the space top to bottom to suit my taste, had continual renovation projects going on, and most importantly had an open home where kids/friends/visitors were always welcome.  We (my housemate and I) had people over often, and it was a true hangout for kids that needed a place to not be at home, but still be fed, talked to, challenged, laughed with, taught to drive and cook if they wanted, trusted implicitly, and given room to just be themselves.  It was something I’d experienced as a young teen, and it made a huge impression on me.  Those 7 years were extremely hard in many ways, but I was doing something closer to my heart than almost anything else I’ve done since.  It was the best of times :). 

> What stands out for you as your best time?

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