Q of the Week : Favorite Games?

What games does your family play?

I’m listening to the roll of dice as my boys/husband play a rousing version of Risk : 2210, with the occasional “Don’t touch!” thrown in.  I suspect two are playing and one is terrorizing.  But it’s a great sound.  When I was growing up, we had family game nights on Fridays.  Pizza by the fireplace in the basement, and games of all kinds.  Some caroms, Sorry, Monopoly, Risk (if my brother could convince any of us to join him in it), Rook, Boggle, Racko, Uno, and others that I’ve long forgotten.  The memories are such good ones, and I wish we made more time for games as a family now. 

Have any favorites in your family?  We’re just getting to a stage where Douglas at least can concentrate on a game for long enough to actually play it through (not Risk however, does that game ever end?!).  Fynn likes rolling dice, and can almost make it through Candyland playing properly.  I think our favorites are currently Settlers of Catan, chess, Sorry, and Candyland.  Notice that I’m typing while they play? :|

What games do you play? > answer by leaving a comment below.

Deadline: Monday night the 7th, midnight EST. (enjoy that holiday!)

Prize:  Yes!  A wee prize this week, found buried in a box while cleaning out the closet :).  A pair of cool incense burners like the one at right.  They could just be cool storage for rings or something also.