Q of the Week : What do you know you should be doing, but don't?

What do you know you should be doing, but you don’t ever seem to do it?

You know this one, and it doesn’t really need any explanation, does it?  We all have those things that we know are the right thing to do, but we can’t seem to find the time/motivation/energy/ to get it done.  That big disconnect between our head and our heart.  I know I should … Someday I will … next week I’ll sign up … When I get X done! 

It came to me this morning because of a conversation yesterday with a coach who I’ll introduce you to shortly.  We were talking about my recent switch from coaching to web design, and how I have trouble charging what I’m worth.  While setting a price for coaching was harder than for a website, it’s still a big challenge for me.  Even typing the phrase “what I’m worth” makes me cringe a bit.  No, I don’t have issues ;).  I had a friend offer to do some EFT tapping with me on that very subject last week, and I still haven’t called her to set up a time!  I know I should, but I don’t.  Why?  That’s a complicated answer, and a good subject for a coach :).  For now, let’s just leave it that I’ll call my friend before the day is over and make an appointment. 

What do you know you should be doing, but are avoiding or procrastinating for some reason?  Name it!  Not asking for a promise of when you’ll do it (though you’re more than welcome to!!) but just tell us what the first thing is that pops into your mind when you hear that question.  Thanks!