Another Manic Monday

“Man with Tail” courtesy of FynnI ran a half marathon yesterday.  It was a logistical debacle from one end to the other.  I ran it nice and leisurely with a friend doing her first race, as we missed starting with the pack by almost an hour, and were barely ahead of the final sweep team.  I had energy to spare at the end of it all, so acted like the Energizer bunny the rest of the day.  Including starting a movie at 11pm. 

Tonight?  I’m pooped.  It finally caught up with me, and I’m going to bed.  Asap.  Newsletter tomorrow, I promise!  And be thinking about lovies or security blankets or whatever your household calls those “can’t sleep without it” articles that some kids drag around.  Oh, and that pic over there?  Ever chase yours?  Enough said :). Catch you tomorrow!