Q of the Week : Lovies and security blankets?

Do/did your kids have a special animal/blanket/scrap of lint that is utterly necessary for sleep, happiness, and all things traumatic? 

Fynn sleeping on a MUCH cleaner (and earlier) version of his Pillow.Both of mine have, and Fynn’s third iteration of his Pillow was left in the park yesterday.  Thank you God it was found just before bedtime, sitting in a bench in the dark … slightly damp and smelling of dew and musty sweaty heads and a thousand different moments of toddlerhood.  And utterly filthy of course … a pillow full of seeds/herbs is unwashable unless picked apart, and it’s hard to take it away long enough to do so.  He went to bed happy :). 

Douglas had a green bear that went everywhere with him, and we eventually lost both the original and the backup.  Thankfully the backup loss came at a point when he was pretty philosophical about it (almost 3 I think?) and after asking where it was a few times, he never mentioned it again.  I have a feeling Fynn’s will be harder.  So far they’ve been lost/left: in a house in the jungle in Ecuador, at a rest area in NJ, on the floor of Ikea, and on the streets of Brooklyn.  I think it might have been harder on me than them, feeling like I’d done something horrible by losing track of it.

I had a blankie that was worn down to a scrap of satin edging, and I think I kept it in a drawer for years after I stopped sleeping with it. I kind of wish I still had it tucked away somewhere.

Do/did your kids carry something?  Any traumatic loss stories to share?  Do tell :).