Tip of the Week : Financial Smarts

I’m snitching from Mary Hunt over at Debt Proof Living, and you should go over there to read the whole article, as well as LOTS of great thrifty advice. 

The gist of her article is that there are Four Steps to Financial Freedom:

1.  Change your mind about credit: make it not an option
2.  Give and Save: Save 10% and give 10%, live on the rest
3.  Create balance: Don’t forget family and faith too :).
4.  Commit to Cash: Only use cash, not even debit.  Ouch, but so necessary for me. 

If finances are at all an issue (and if they’re not, more power to you!) I’d highly recommend you check out the whole article, it’s short and to the point.  I’d also recommend signing up for her Everyday Cheapskate newsletter.  A little ultra-thrifty for me sometimes, but great ideas nevertheless. 

Thanks Mary!