Q of the Week : How do you break the sulks?

How do you break the sulks?

I seem to have an issue with sulking.  My 7-year-old is a master sulker, and I’m nearly at my wits end.  Flouncing, arguing, issuing (always dramatic) ultimatums, crossed arms and head buried in the blanket.  It’s never subtle, and you’d think it would be easy to break.  Sometimes teasing works, ignoring helps, but I’m kind of looking for a repertoire of things that have worked for some of you so I have a few more ideas.  Not discipline, but ways to catch it early and turn it before it gets really sour.  Jumping jacks? 

I know he comes by it honestly, I’ve been known to clam up and do a bit of sulking myself, so it’s not easy to treat him objectively!  Any ideas appreciated :).  I’d also love to know if you have any kids in the same boat!

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