Tip of the Week : How to tackle those resolutions!

Ok, I’m betting many of your made resolutions, even if they were in the form of “this year I hope to …”.  Right?  Something new, something rolled over from last year, something big, something small.  Whatever it is, you’ve either tackled it gleefully, or are eyeing it suspiciously from a distance.  Resolutions/shmezolutions, I’m not too fond of them!  They ARE handy ways to focus on something new however, and the new year is a great, fresh, wide-open vantage point to tackle them from!

A few tips …

  • First off, make sure it’s something you really WANT to do, not something that some vestige of guilt is goading you into!
  • Allow yourself a truly clean slate.  If you haven’t started, start now!  Don’t guilt yourself about what you haven’t done in the past. 
  • Make sure it’s a clearly defined goal.  The coach in me can’t stress that enough.  Make it specific, measurable, and manageable.  Want to lose weight?  How many pounds?  How?  Run a 5k?  When?  Where?  How much training do you need?
  • Did you pick a big goal?  Break it down … no task should have more than 2 aspects to it, preferrably one.  Lose 5 pounds.  Run 5 minutes a day.  Make it attainable, or you’ll lose your motivation really quickly!  
  • Document it.  Write it down, tell a friend, or better yet find a support group or accountability partner.  Hint: this really helps the commitment factor!

Need a bit more of a kick in the rear for a particularly big project?  Check out an old Shaking the Grapevine article on Focus and Effort here

My goal for the year?  To get out of the city!  I love NYC but the time has really come, and I believe this is the year.  I’m not caring a whole lot at this point where we go, but I want to be gone by September.  Apparently I’m resigned to what it will take, and determined to make it happen …  I heard that from an old friend last night as we talked for the first time in months, and she pointed out that my voice had changed a lot in that direction :).

Did you make a resolution this year?  What was it?  Do tell!

(ps, get ready for a quiche recipe tomorrow, mmmmmm!)