Helping Haiti

While I’m under a media-rock much of the time (no TV or papers, thank you very much) I do get wind of the major stories, albeit a bit late.  Should have posted this yesterday, but here’s a good list of 6 ways to help Haiti, and there are lots more options in the comments section there.

Partners in Health (PIH) — an organization doing wonderful health care work in Haiti — has been given a matching grant by an organization called Angelwish.  Angelwish will double your contibution to Partners in Health for the Haiti relief effort if you contribute through the Angelwish website.

Looking to check the worthiness of your chosen charity?  This might help:

It’s hard to see/hear of such horrible devastation, and have no direct avenues to help.  Prayer and donations are the only viable responses for most of us, followed by a huge wave of thankfulness for what we do have, and the ease with which we have it.  Any specific prayer requests, or other ways to help?