Friday Roundup

My favorite finds of the week, including a great new freebie for moms! 

Check ‘em out …

  • Massive Relief Effort : Ways to help Haiti … as of this morning 8 million has been donated to the Red Cross via text messaging alone ($10 at a time)!  A friend on FB commented how disasters bring out the best and worst in us, and it seem so true.  More links here
  • Perfect Moms Finish Last : A new series of dead-on interviews by Carley Knobloch, which she started because “I wanted to start a conversation. I wanted to hear from exemplary, visible moms who are showing up in the world in an impactful way, leading the way for moms who need to rescued from “PMD” (Perfect Mom Disorder).  I have hand-picked women who I feel have created a lifestyle that allows them to be EXACTLY who they are as individuals while raising their children, and I want to have candid conversations with them about how they make things work, where they feel stuck or pressured, and what they do to stay true to themselves.”  Great stuff, free, and easy to listen to/download!  No strings attached.    
  • Shopping With Mother : Whoopie hits a home run, again.  SO true! And her illustrations are so perfectly delightful.
  • Visionary Mom, aka Lisa Delzer : found via twitter, many great, short, to-the-point ways for moms to brighten their outlook and day.  Worth checking out.

Peace to you my friends, may you hold someone you love a little tighter tonight.