Schooling Choices and Creativity

I’m in a quandry.  Douglas is not happy at school.  It’s been brewing for awhile, and I’ve tried for several years to get him into a different type of school.  He’s in 2nd grade in a regular public school, subject to the restrictions of the lumbering systems known as NYC Department of Ed.  Some schools are better than others, and there are tons of options, but none of them have seemed perfect for him.  I know there are charter and private schools that would be more open/creative but we haven’t gotten him in anywhere. The clip below was posted by a friend of mine on FB, and it really hit home.  Creativity is NOT encouraged in the public school system, and he’s overflowing with it.  (It’s Sir Ken Robinson talking about creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.  Take a look:

It feels like time is running out.  You know when you all of a sudden realize you’re at a turning point, and everything becomes crystal clear?  Like it’s time to move now.  I feel like I’m there.  I don’t see any ready options for a mid-year switch, and have talked about homeschooling for years, and I’m seriously considering taking the plunge.  As in pulling him out in the next few weeks, and finishing out the year at home.  I’m truly afraid of what another 4 months of the current scenario will do to him.  He’s bored, irritable, unhappy, and all revved up with no place to go.  Intuition tells me it’s the right time, though the thought of actually doing it is terrifying.  How will I get my work done?  Do I pull Fynn out of his daycare, or let me finish out the year on his 2 day a week schedule?  Curriculum? 

Any insights?  Homeschooling hints?  I need structure around it more than he does, but don’t want to overly structure it either.  Buying curriculum?  Keeping the peace?  Ever pulled a kid out mid-year?  Love any insights or thoughts you might have!  I’m pretty sure I’m going to take the plunge, and anything to smooth the transition would be most appreciated!