Coach of the Month : Meet Susan!

I’m pleased to introduce to you the lovely mom, coach, runner, and Seattleite that is Susan Heid, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have!  She’s easy to talk to, excited about what she’s doing, and has great tools to help us moms get (and stay!) a little more sane.  Her coaching practice is called The Confident Mom, and she truly is one. 

Susan’s path in supporting others was clear even in her early years as a Girl Scout.  Her tenacious spirit, no nonsense approach, and generous heart continues today fueling her passion to empower moms in their most important role.  She is a proud mother of 3 awesome kids – ages 17, 13 and 9 and is married to her very own prince charming. A true “Seattleite” — Susan loves coffee, cloudy days, and can even pronounce Puyallup and Sequim and yes, she does think the “bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle.”

She understands and empathizes with the overwhelming job of being a mom – whether you are a single mom on the go, a stay-at-home mom juggling your responsibilities, a career mom always feeling shorted, or a step-mom working to blend a family – she’s been there, done that! Susan’s training as a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, a Certified Family Manager® Coach and a ScreamFree Certified Leader gives her a unique combination to encourage and support busy moms in the art of Home and Family Management.  She helps moms get the BIG picture on how their home is functioning and then helps them gain relief with a personalized plan of action to give life changing results.  Empowering Moms and Strengthening Families is her passion.  Are you ready to make positive changes that will impact your family for generations?  You can start by visiting The Confident Mom and requesting her FREE ebook, “Getting Kids to Cooperate and Become Team Players – 10 Essential Strategies and Solutions”.

Please, pay Susan a visit, take advantage of her tools and expertise, and if you’re ready for a real kickstart in your own life and parenting, give her a call!