Guest Post : Godzilla Mommy

With the holiday today and everyone home, we spent the day sleeping in, putting together, flying, and losing Douglas’ first model rocket, and in the aftermath of that there just wasn’t time for a proper newsletter.  Tomorrow!  So today you get treated to a guest post courtesy of Rahti Gorfien, thanks Rahti!

Godzilla Mommy

Contemplations Regarding a Mother from Another Planet

by Rahti Gorfien

Last night I heard about an orthodox Jewish woman here in NYC who has 17 children and works full time as the principle of an elementary school.  That’s right.  You read me.  Works full time and has 17 kids.

I wanna talk to her. 

I don’t know what doctrine she lives by, I certainly have my judgments about birthing 17 kids, but what fascinates me is not why, but HOW she does it.  I suppose the older ones help take care of the younger ones at a certain point, but to be pregnant at least 17 times including labor and recovery…well, you do the math.  She’s got to be as strong as heavy weight fighter.  Does she exercise?  Aside from being Fertile Myrtle, I sure hope she enjoys her sex life.  What does she do for fun?  Does she have fun?  How’s her diet?  Any girlfriends? Does she ever feel happy, or unhappy?  Why, or rather, why not? Do any of these questions concern her at all?

For now, I have to conclude that either this woman is Godzilla incarnate (the American Godzilla is female, by the way.  Interesting.), or she’s pulled forward by something much greater than herself.

Now, in my work as a Creative Life Coach I encourage women to re-evaluate and cultivate their own belief system; one that supports the integration of their work outside the home with their families.  Conscious attention and energy must be paid to doing so, in order to counter generations of familial legacies that dictate otherwise; most women I know were taught they had to choose between love and worldly aspiration, or suffer a perpetual living hell of ambivalence and guilt.  To overcome this conditioning, something has to pull us forward.  I believe that something is very personal: whatever psycho-spiritual meaning we ascribe to our pursuits, along with a good dose of accountability and support.  But is there something more? 

So I want to put my judgments aside and talk to this woman.  I wanna follow her through her day, meet her kids (or should I say army), speak to her husband if she’ll let me (and he’s willing).  What makes her tick?  What can we learn from her in order empower ourselves in the interest of making the contributions we find meaningful as artists, employees, freelancers, or whatever kind of moms we are?  If anyone out there knows this woman, hook me up!  I’m serious. Whatever her value system aside, she’s one of my latest heroes.   

Rahti Gorfien, of Creative Calling Coaching, is a Life Coach and Park Slope mom, specializing in mothers with universal and yet unique challenges to succeed both personally as mothers and professionally in their chosen vocations. She is also a regular contributor to Momasphere. Contact her to schedule a consultation and find out whether her coaching can help you hear and heed your creative calling!

©Rahti Gorfien Jan 2010