Friday Roundup

First up, props to my SIL and FB for the first link, and warning it’s not one bit kid friendly and full of swearing.  But oh is it funny!

  • Sleep Talkin’ Man - Verbatim reports of what a mild-mannered Brit says in his sleep.  Badgertastic may become a permanent part of my vocabulary :).
  • Erin over at Magnolia Workshop has started a new blog called Walk the Talk! - Check her out as she puts her coaching advice to the test in her own life.  She’s started with thoughts on her annual Sugar Free January, ouch! 

That’s if for this week, as I didn’t do as much trolling as usual.  I was a bit preoccupied, and tomorrow’s post will explain why :).   It’s scheduled to be coming to you just as I’m setting off on a one-night cruise with my hubby, courtesy of my dear sister and her hub, which I can’t wait for!  A night away: from the kids, the city, the phone, and the internet … with food and pampering galore.  I think I’m finally getting excited :).

Have a great weekend!