Let the next phase begin ...

It seems the decison has been reached.  Kid’s been consulted and agrees wholeheartedly.  Books are being sent, veterans consulted, devil’s advocate input sought, and logic argued.  While I’m quite aware of a whole host of potential issues, and unaware of many others that will rear their not-so-pretty heads, I’m certain in my heart that this is the right move to make.  It’s time.  The final tipping point may well have been this bit, though it all started about 2 years ago.  We’re pulling Douglas out of school next month, and teaching him at home. 

Why?  There are many reasons, starting with his natural learning style, public school restrictions, and watching his creativity and joy slowly fade into frustration and boredom.  I wrote the following to a European friend this afternoon, who asked the Why question while pointing out that it was illegal there. 

… it’s been brewing for a long time, given the increasingly disproportionate amount of time he spends in school compared to what he’s learning.  He’s a very intense kid, and the way he learns is to focus intently on something for some frenzied and variable amount of time, and then stop and run in circles.  He needs to be active, playing with his hands, and preferrably dancing in place while he talks to you.  He gets penalized for this in school, of course, and he’s been getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of depth in what he’s studying.  He needs a more challenging environment, and the time to study something from all angles.  That’s simply not possible in public schools, and private ones are out of range and competitive in ways I don’t like.  So we try this for the rest of the year, and see how it goes.

So there it is then.  Douglas and I love many of the same things, and have a lot in common.  It makes our relationship more tumultuous, but also more fun.  I’m looking forward to digging into electronics, robotics, chemistry, design, and whatever other projects sprout up along the way.  It will make my Alone Time all the more necessary and important, and I will need to seek it out and fight for it to stay on top.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more on the subject :).  If you have any ideas/resources/advice to share, please have at it!  As usual, I’m embarking on something bigger than I can imagine, and woefully unprepared.  But I’m game.