Friday Roundup

Lots of good stuff out there this week, what did you enjoy?  Some of my favorites were …

The NY Times piece on She Works, They’re Happy : I found the statistics interesting, and the issues (like letting to of control) pretty fascinating also.  I’m personally slowly finishing the reverse shift (I was the major breadwinner for years, haven’t been for the last few) and am looking forward to not having the pressure of breadwinning for awhile.  There were several related articles worth checking out also. 

Jenn at the WC wrote Role Reveral, I Think Not! based on the article above, and she makes some good points.  The comments section is pretty great too. is a new site worth checking out, I haven’t dug too deeply but it appears we’re on much the same page!

Gifted is a beautiful reflection on gifts and life, and includes two fabulous “just happened to see” moments that are definitely worth clicking over for!  I just had a banner mail day myself, with new running slippers that I don’t want to take off, and a big gift box of shiny new homeschooling books :).  My friends rock. 

Dream Big and then Run like Thunder (Proof that the world is not full of hate) made me cry, twice.  Thanks to Shelly Kneupper Tucker for sharing the story of her Share a Square project :).  Many loving hands make light work.

Have any favorites to share?  Have a great weekend!