it's been a long day ...

… and all I want is glass of wine and a movie.  Tempers were as short as the mercury in the thermometer today, and colds and coughs were in evidence.  I didn’t do so well in the temper department myself, and could not wait to put the kids in bed.  I think they’re finally asleep?  I’m going to make myself fold the last two loads of laundry and then pick out a movie.  

Oh, and laundry, which I hate folding but don’t mind doing?  I’m trying a new system which works pretty well.  I now put all laundry out of the dryer straight onto our bed.  (It used to be the couch.).  Now I can’t go to bed unless it’s folded … rather handy and has worked so far!

I did manage this week to start the ball rolling with homeschooling … D has two weeks left of public school and then he’s home!  I’m quite honestly terrifed, but still convinced it’s the right thing.  I talked to his teacher and the parent coordinator at the school, and both were extremely understanding and supportive.  Whew!  Got the paperwork started, received a fab box of books from my expert-homeschooler cuz (thanks Tiff!) and feel like it’s a matter of Ghost in the Graveyard from here on.  Remember that nighttime hide/seek game with the “Ready or not, here I come!” chant?  I’m in the dark, ready or not, but the game has started … curious ride this will be.

I’ll leave you with a pic of the snowman we built on Thursday, when it wasn’t quite so horridly cold for playing outside.  It lasted all of an hour before melting, and was kicked to bits right after school as it was the only non-melted snow left to play in!