taking things slowly

I’m not so good at taking thing slowly.  I got my new Vibram 5-Fingers Sprint “shoes” for running, and am in love with them!  They let you run almost barefoot, which I love.  Shifting over to them from regular shoes, however, means that your whole gait and foot-strike have to change dramatically.  Basically you run on the front of your foot, not the heel.  And all the research and advice out there in web-land says to take the transition very very slowly, ie: run one mile in them and wait a couple days before doing 1 + 10%.  Sure I could take them along and switch after a mile, but that’s no fun!  So I went out and did just 1.5 miles and came home, and have a feeling I’ll be paying for it tomorrow as my calves are already sore.  But it sure was fun :).  I’m not good at being reined in when I do have energy.  It didn’t help that today was the sunniest and best day for running in the last week, and I had my choice to times to go since hubby was home!

Aren’t they pretty?  They may fall into Ugh! category for most of you, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder :).  Sorry it’s been a foot-focused week, I do have a very strong predilection for going barefoot wherever I can get away with it, and often have to defend my barefooting as my kids imitate me.  Ah well!

Off to do some more cleanup/sorting/purging kind of stuff which is one of my favorite weekend activities.  I adore pitching things.  Oh, and yes, this completes 31 consecutive days of blogging!  It’s not been easy, but it has been fun, and I hope to keep up the daily part even though I’ll probably not post on the weekends.  Do you like the frequent posting better?